A/C Re-New

Download the A/C Re-New flyer here


A/C Re-New, formerly ZerolĀ® Ice, has been used successfully for many years to improve the performance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. A/C Re-New provides significant saving in energy use. It also quiets noisy systems and extends the life of the system. It is a lubricant that blends with the system's oil, lasting for the life of the equipment.

A/C Re-New can be used in air conditioning and refrigeration applications. The pressurized package, 4057-50, is formulated for use in R-22, R-410A as well as other refrigerants in systems up to 5 tons. Multiple cans should be used to treat larger commercial systems such as packaged units or larger refrigeration systems. Additionally, the product is available in unpressurized 4 oz. bottles and 32 oz. quarts. Install with the A/C Re~New Injector.

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