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Flanders Precisionaire HHB25130

Flanders Precisionaire HHB25130 Hog Hair MERV 5 Cut-to-Fit Media Service Roll, 2

Flanders Precisionaire HHB25130
Brand Name      :      Flanders Precisionaire
Item Name      :      Media Service Roll
Type      :      Cut-to-Fit
Media Type      :      Hog Hair
Width      :      25 Inch
Depth      :      1 Inch
MERV      :      5
  • Hogs Hair is a unique type of filtration media consisting of natural organic fibers
  • A single cut across the roll will produce a ready-to-install filter pad
  • The roll is a self-supporting, washable filter
  • This organic filter has a long service life and a strong structural integrity
  • The maze of fibers in a hogs hair filter creates an electrostatic charge to catch and hold airborne contaminants
  • pdf Brochure/Catalog https://cdn-assets.unilogcorp.com/ASSETS-H/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/Uni_Geary18898_Broc.pdf