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Cozy CDV155

Cozy CDV155 Wall Furnace, 430 Stainless Steel

Cozy CDV155

Cozy's Direct-Vent Wall Furnace mounts on an outside wall and occupies minimal room space. The continuous seam-welded combustion chamber draws air from the outside and exhausts through a concentric vent system, which keeps the interior air warm and fresh. The louvered cabinet design maximizes airflow, providing uniform temperatures from floor to ceiling. A telescoping vent assembly is included and fits a standard 5 - 9 in wall thickness, eliminating the need for expensive and difficult-to-install vent pipe systems. A wall-mounted thermostat comes standard, or choose the optional built-in bulb stat kit (BBSK). Both provide precise temperature control, even if the electrical power fails. All controls include a 100% safety pilot and pressure regulator for safe, efficient operation.

Cozy Wall Furnace, 15000 Btu/hr Output, 1/2 in, 9 in Vent, Natural Gas, Matchless Spark Ignition, 430 Stainless Steel, 29-3/4 in H x 18 in W x 9-3/4 in D

Output BTU Rating      :      15000 Btu/hr
Dimensions      :      29-3/4 in H x 18 in W x 9-3/4 in D
  • Continuous seam welded combustion chamber - constructed of heavy 18 ga steel maximizes heat transfer
  • Inner jacket suspended with U-type interlocking brackets and is easily removed for cleaning
  • 403 stainless steel ported burner provides excellent flame characteristics and quiet ignition and extinction and excellent flame characteristics for natural gas
  • 100% safety pilot/built-in pressure regulator - completely stops the flow of gas in the event pilot flame is extinguished
  • Low Btu pilot - durably constructed of stainless steel and provides maximum efficiency during standby
  • Matchless spark ignition eliminates the need for matches or lighting tools
  • Sealed combustion system
  • Telescoping vent system (5 x 9 in standard)
  • Mili-volt/wall thermostat control