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AmeriVent® 40PS

AmeriVent® 40PS Plate Spacer, 4 in Nominal, 0.06 in Galvanized Steel, 17-1/2

AmeriVent® 40PS

The type B designation is assigned to gas venting systems that meet the safety requirements of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. The AmeriVent all-metal, double-wall gas vent is listed as type B by UL and is approved for residential and commercial applications such as Category 1 water heaters, boilers, furnaces, space heaters, or wall heaters. UL-approved type B gas vent products form a continuous passageway from an approved gas appliance to the termination of the vent above the roof of the structure.

AmeriVent® Plate Spacer, 0PS Model, 4 in Nominal, 0.06 in Galvanized Steel, 17-1/2 in L

Dimensions      :      17-1/2 in L
  • AmeriVent pipe are lightweight and rugged feature, made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel and aluminum
  • Ends have a snap-lock coupling
  • 1 in minimum clearance to combustibles
  • To disengage the locking tab - align the seams and pull apart
  • Locking tab - to ensure a secure fit, push in the locking tab to lock the pipes together
  • Engagement - snap-lock joints overlap - to calculate height deduct 1 in for each joint
  • Required at the first ceiling level above a wall furnace
  • The spacers center and provide the required opening between floors
  • Firestop spacers must be used at subsequent levels