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Flanders Precisionaire 11251.011020

Flanders Precisionaire EZ Flow II 11251.011020 Fiberglass MERV 4 Standard Capaci

Flanders Precisionaire 11251.011020
Brand Name      :      Flanders Precisionaire
Sub Brand      :      EZ Flow II
Item Name      :      Disposable Panel Air Filter
Series      :      11251
Media Type      :      Fiberglass
Frame Type      :      Chipboard
Width      :      10 Inch
Height      :      20 Inch
Depth      :      1 Inch
MERV      :      4
Rated Velocity      :      300 fpm
Resistance      :      0.07 Inch WG Initial, 0.5 Inch WG Final
Air Flow Capacity      :      417 cfm at 300 fpm
Actual Size      :      9-7/8 x 19-7/8 x 3/4 Inch
  • Designed for protection of furnace and central air units in residential and light commercial applications
  • EZ Flow II has no media retainer
  • The frame is made from heavy chipboard in a 1-piece design that eliminates corner separation
  • The filtering media is continuous filament spun glass
  • A resinous bonding agent provides rigidity and resistance to media compression
  • EZ Flow II is made to function without a retainer, by adhering the frame directly to the media which has a light skin to make it self-retaining
  • Sealing is accomplished with a resilient hot-melt adhesive running the full perimeter of the frame on both upstream and downstream sides