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Permatron® IN-500-1 16X30X1 NOM

Permatron® IN-500-1 16X30X1 NOM Air Filter, Washable Electrostatic Filter, 1

Permatron® IN-500-1 16X30X1 NOM

Washable, electrostatic air filter for industrial applications where potential dirt load is high and where low resistance and cleanability are critical. Durable construction allows high velocity air to be pushed through limited filtering surface areas, often found in older HVAC systems. This environmentally friendly air filter contains multiple layers of our custom woven electrostatic polypropylene media, with expanded wire support both front and back in electrostatic air filter model (1 and 2 in) features our exclusive Accumulator Chamber®. Using a unitized filter bank design, multiple sets of steel framed media is assembled with distinct separation to create a triple action filtration system. This prefilter/after filter assembly promotes free air flow with superior dust holding capacity while resisting face loading. Excess particulates sweep through the prefilter and cross currents within the chamber cause further agglomeration and settlement until the filter is rinsed clean. Outer steel frame contains strategically placed drain holes for thorough cleaning.

Permatron® Air Filter, Model: IN, Washable Electrostatic Filter, 16 in Width, 30 in Height, 1 in Depth

Filter Type      :      Washable Electrostatic
  • pdf Specification Sheet https://assets.unilogcorp.com/267/ITEM/DOC/Permatron_IN_500_1_16X30X1_NOM_Specification_Sheet.pdf