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Duro Dyne® 10027

Duro Dyne® JRD Junior 10027 Flexible Duct Connector, Durolon, White

Duro Dyne® 10027

All air duct installations for heating, cooling or ventilation are attached to mechanical equipment containing a fan or blower. Vibrations, noises and rattles resulting from operation of the fan or blower are transmitted into the metal ducts which can carry noise throughout the system. In order to isolate the vibration and noise to the source, an airtight flexible joint, consisting of a fabric which is attached to sheet metal on both edges, must be inserted between the equipment and the ductwork. This vibration isolator is called a flexible duct connector.

Duro Dyne® JRD Junior Flexible Duct Connector, 12 lb Tear Strength, 225/300 lb Tensile Strength, Durolon, White, -40 to 250 deg F

Tear Strength      :      12 lb
Tensile Strength      :      225/300 lb
Material      :      Durolon
Color      :      White
Temperature Rating      :      -40 to 250 deg F
  • Excellent ozone resistance
  • Excellent resistance to weathering
  • Best overall acid resistance
  • Recommended for rooftop applications
  • Unaffected by mildew
  • Hypalon coating
  • 24 oz/sq-yd weight
  • pdf Catalog https://assets.unilogcorp.com/267/ITEM/DOC/Duro_Dyne_10011_Catalog.pdf