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Caleffi 551028A

Caleffi Discal 551028A Air Separator, 1 Inch, Sweat, 150 psi, 32 - 250 deg F, Br

Caleffi 551028A
Brand Name      :      Caleffi
Sub Brand      :      Discal
Item Name      :      Air Separator
Series      :      551
Nominal Size      :      1 Inch
Connection Type      :      Sweat
Suitable Media      :      Water, Glycol Solution
Material      :      Brass
Pressure Rating      :      150 psi
Temperature Rating      :      32 - 250 deg F
  • Capable of removing automatically all the air present in the system down to micro-bubble level
  • Circulation of fully de-aerated water enables the equipment to operate under optimum conditions, free from any noise, corrosion, localized overheating or mechanical damage
  • Anti-corrosion coalescing mesh - resistant to oxygen and acidic boiler water
  • Large diameter bowl - combines with the concentric mesh surfaces to create the air elimination process
  • Anti-rotation/anti-vibration pinned float - eliminates float sticking due to boiler residue or to variations in installation orientation
  • Robust stainless steel float linkages - corrosion resistant, reliable float alignment
  • Stainless steel float guide pin and linkage, glass reinforced nylon internal element, EPDM seal