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Flanders® 11255.021630

Flanders® 11255 11255.021630 Disposable Panel Air Filter, Synthetic Media, 1

Flanders® 11255.021630

Flanders HD Industrial Grade filters are designed for use in any application where disposable panel filters are recommended. They can be relied upon for superior performance since they are specifically designed for heavy workloads.

Flanders® Disposable Panel Air Filter, Series: 11255, Synthetic Media, Chipboard Frame, 16 in Width, 30 in Height, 2 in D, MERV: 4, <20 % Filter Efficiency, 300 fpm Rated Velocity, 0.1 in-WG Initial Resistance, 1/2 in-WG Final Resistance

Media Material      :      Synthetic
Frame Material      :      Chipboard
Filter Efficiency      :      <20 %
Initial Resistance      :      0.1 in-WG
Final Resistance      :      1/2 in-WG
  • One-piece moisture-resistant chipboard frame prevents broken corners
  • The synthetic media filter consists of polystrand
  • Support grilles of perforated corrosion-resistant steel or expanded metal are provided on both sides of the filter
  • The media pads and support grilles are continuously glued to the inside perimeter of the frame, resulting in exceptional strength and rigidity
  • This design virtually eliminates the possibility of media sag within the frame
  • Hot-melt resin sealant
  • pdf Catalog https://assets.unilogcorp.com/267/ITEM/DOC/Flanders_KKM24121_Catalog.pdf