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Raychem® 864811-000

Raychem® 864811-000 Crankcase Heater, 208 - 277 VAC, 32 W at 50 deg F

Raychem® 864811-000

When compressors operate in cold areas, refrigerant can migrate into the crankcase oil whenever the compressor is not running. On start-up, this can cause excessive motor wear and a loss of refrigeration efficiency. Raychem FreezGard self-regulating crankcase heaters provide reliable peak heating during critical cold periods and unlike conventional constant-wattage heaters, reduce their heating once the compressor starts up or the air temperature rises. Also self-regulating heaters can be safely overlapped and closely spaced without burning out, so one size fits all hermetic compressors up to 5 hp that are 40 in or less in circumference.

Raychem® Crankcase Heater, CCH-2C Model, 208 - 277 VAC, 32 W at 50 deg F, 48 in L x 0.615 in W x 0.245 in Thick, 40 in Girth

Power Rating      :      32 W at 50 deg F
Suitable For Use With      :      Refrigeration and Compressors
Dimensions      :      48 in L x 0.615 in W x 0.245 in Thick, 40 in Girth
  • Prolongs motor life
  • Installs easily
  • Works effectively and reliably
  • Increases compressor efficiency
  • Modified polyolefin insulation jacket type
  • 185 deg F intermittent maximum exposure temperature
  • 18 AWG cold lead wire gauge
  • 16 AWG nickel-plated copper bus wire gauge