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Panasonic PC-RD05C5

Panasonic FlexDamper PC-RD05C5 Galvanized Steel All-in-One Flexible Radiation Da

Panasonic PC-RD05C5
Brand Name      :      Panasonic
Sub Brand      :      FlexDamper
Item Name      :      Radiation Damper
Type      :      All-In-One, Flexible
Material      :      Steel
Finish      :      Galvanized
Dimension      :      11-7/8 Inch Length x 3-9/16 Inch Height
  • Folded ceramic curtain style damper to meet both combustible and non-combustible UL assemblies
  • Allows for 2-stage construction fan housing and damper sleeve during framing, fan/motor/damper installation after finishes
  • Easy access to fan/motor/damper for maintenance
  • UL555C, no longer automatically certifies both combustible (wood joist/wood truss) and non-combustible (steel beams/girders/trusses) by meeting the 1 - 3 hr 555C rating
  • UL and Warnock-Hersey (UL/WH) now require a separate fire chamber fire test to verify the efficacy of the ventilation fan/radiation damper in a wood truss assembly
  • Flexdamper meets UL combustible assembly ratings for 'stick-built' low or mid-rise multi-family or hotel/lodging projects, and offers the best option for architect/engineer projects due to the flexibility to be able to use any 10-1/4 Inch fan for fire-rated projects, it allows for two-stage project installation to protect fan/motor during drywall/interiors construction phase and allows easy access or replacement of the fan/motor
  • Compatible with most Panasonic 10-1/4 Inch 50 - 150 cfm fans, fan/lights and fans with motion sensor
  • Galvanized steel frame with 165 deg F fusible link
  • High temperature, non-asbestos, reinforced fiber thermal fabric damper
  • 5 years warranty
  • Allows for easy installation of lights and motion sensors
  • Flexdamper kit includes - radiation damper, galvanized steel frame, mounting screws for frame to fan housing, clip and grommets to secure wire/pigtail, plaster guard, installation guide, warranty information
  • Fan models approved for WhisperGreen select (excluding generation 4 model), WhisperCeiling DC, WhisperCeiling 50 - 150 cfm (excluding generation 4 model), WhisperLite, WhisperSense DC, WhisperSense, WhisperSense Lite, WhisperFit EZ, WhisperValue DC, WhisperValue, WhisperValue Lite
  • pdf Installation Sheet https://cdn-assets.unilogcorp.com/ASSETS-H/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/Uni_Geary15222_Ins.pdf
  • pdf Specification Sheet https://cdn-assets.unilogcorp.com/ASSETS-H/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/Uni_Geary15222_Spec.pdf