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Refrigeration Technologies® RT800S

Refrigeration Technologies® Viper RT800S Condensate Pan and Drain Treatment,

Refrigeration Technologies® RT800S

Viper condensate pan and drain treatment is a sprayable gel that contains enzymes and silicone detergents. The enzymes are natural biological disruptors that will penetrate and break through the solid layers of slime, sludge and sediment. The silicone detergents coat the pan, p-trap and drain piping with a lubricative film to improve flow and prevent future soil adhesion. The slow dissolving gel will outperform and outlast conventional tablets and strips.

Refrigeration Technologies® Viper Condensate Pan and Drain Treatment, 32 oz, Spray Bottle, Liquid, Colorless, Characteristic, Greater Than or Equal to 11.5 pH, Greater Than or Equal to 1.025 g/ml Density Specific Gravity, Greater Than or Equal to 100 deg C Boiling, Less Than or Equal to 0 deg C Freezing Point, Greater Than or Equal 25 deg C

Net Content      :      32 oz
pH Range      :      Greater Than or Equal to 11.5
Specific Gravity      :      Greater Than or Equal to 1.025 g/ml Density
  • Slow disolving gel cleans entire pan and drain
  • Specialty enzymes break down odor causing bacteria
  • Silicone detergents leave behind a slick surface preventing future drain blockage
  • Sprayable product allows for full coverage unlike tabs or strips
  • Biodegradable and Eco friendly
  • Approved for use around food
  • Spray coat the entire pan and bottom two rows of the evaporator coil
  • Blow out drain if clogged
  • The gel will slowly dissolve with condensate production
  • It will not block drain piping or passages
  • pdf SDS https://assets.unilogcorp.com/267/ITEM/DOC/Refrigeration_Technologies_RT800S_SDS.pdf
  • pdf Specification Sheet https://assets.unilogcorp.com/267/ITEM/DOC/Refrigeration_Technologies_RT800S_Specification_Sheet.pdf