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EWC® Ultra-Zone ZXM-2 Expansion Module, 24 V, 60 Hz, -20 to 160 deg F, 0 to


The advanced ZXM2 expansion module allows you to easily add additional zones to the UZC4 zone control system. Can gain up to 16 additional zones for a total of 20. The robust and superior design, intuitive firmware, simple setup options, and easy to understand wiring, makes the UZC4 Zoning system the contractors dream. Combined with EWC motorized dampers and practically any off-the-shelf heat/cool, heat pump or Multistage thermostat, EWC controls once again proves to be the innovative leader in the residential and light commercial forced air zoning industry.

EWC® Ultra-Zone Expansion Module, 24 V, 60 Hz, 0 to 95% RH Non-Condensing Operating Humidity, 8 VA at 24 VAC Maximum, -20 to 160 deg F, 10 in W x 9-7/8 in H x 1.7 in D

Dimensions      :      10 in W x 9-7/8 in H x 1.7 in D
  • The ZXM-2 expansion features automatic changeover from any thermostat allowing for individual zone comfort from the HVAC system
  • Compatible with most off the shelf 1 or two-stage conventional heat/cool or heat pump thermostats
  • All mechanical, digital/electronic, dual mode, and internet compatible thermostats that operate on 24 VAC
  • Battery powered or power robbing thermostats that draw less than 20 mA of current are also accepted
  • The ZXM-2 expansion module can add up to 16 zones with 1 - 8 expansion modules on a UZC4 control system
  • The Status LED pulses as a steady heart beat to indicate active micro-processor status
  • LEDs indicate which dampers are open
  • 18 ga solid copper wire
  • A total of 8 model ZXM-2 expansion modules can be utilized to add upto 16 additional zones
  • 4 A or 96 VA protected via UZC4 panel, 2.5 A or 60 VA damper over current protection
  • For UZC-4 series zone control Systems
  • pdf Catalog https://assets.unilogcorp.com/267/ITEM/DOC/EWC_ZXM_2_Catalog.pdf
  • pdf Specification Sheet https://assets.unilogcorp.com/267/ITEM/DOC/EWC_ZXM_2_Specification_Sheet.pdf