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Streamline® AC05010

Streamline® AC05010 Tube, Hard Copper, 3/4 in OD, 10 ft L, 0.042 in Thick Wa

Streamline® AC05010

Streamline ACR copper tube provides the strength, precision and cleanliness needed for the demanding conditions of HVAC and refrigeration applications. Following precision manufacturing, Streamline ACR is cleaned in a 5 step, proprietary process and dried with filtered hot air. Then Streamline ACR is pressurized with dry nitrogen gas and sealed under pressure with a positive plug. These measures provide maximum protection against harmful oxides that can form during brazing operations. Reduction of these oxides greatly reduces system contamination, ensuring a long life for system devices and equipment.

Streamline® Tube, 5/8 in Nominal, 3/4 in Outside Dia, 10 ft Length, 0.042 in Wall Thickness, 700 psi UL Working, 100 to 400 deg F, Hard Copper, ASTM B-280 Material

Working Pressure      :      700 psi UL
  • Blue ink markings indicate nitrogen charge and ACR/medical gas use
  • Cleaned in proprietary, multi-stage process, charged with 99.9% nitrogen and sealed under low pressure
  • Plugs extend slightly beyond tube ends to protect against damage
  • Plugs designed to maintain internal pressure from-20 to 150 deg F
  • Cut ACR can be immediately re-plugged for later use
  • pdf Catalog https://assets.unilogcorp.com/267/ITEM/DOC/Streamline_AC06020_Catalog.pdf
  • pdf Specification Sheet https://assets.unilogcorp.com/267/ITEM/DOC/Streamline_AC02010_Specification_Sheet.pdf