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Zonefirst® MMP3

Zonefirst® Mini-MasterZone™ MMP3 Zone Control Panel, 24 VAC, ABS, 7-1/

Zonefirst® MMP3

The Mini MasterZone zoning panel is a 2 and 3 zone, 1-stage heating and cooling control panel. This electronic panel provides the simplest zoning functions and works with all standard heating and cooling thermostats. This panel has 2 models to control different damper motors. The MMZ3 controls 24VAC damper motors. The NEW MMP3, shown in photo, controls the new plug-in zone motors that use modular cords, supplied with each damper and the DC motors. This panel is used exclusively with the ZDSP, ZDBP, RDP and RRP dampers. The MM panels are designed to use a minimum of wires to make zoning simple and affordable. Each zone uses a standard 4 wire (Y-G-R-W) thermostat. The panels also feature a separate C - common terminal for 24 V powered thermostats. All terminal blocks are color coded for each wire and have push-in connections making wiring even simpler and no need for a small screwdriver, as with all other zoning panels. The state of the art surface mount technology for all electronic components makes for a highly reliable control panel.

Zonefirst® Mini-MasterZone™ Zone Control Panel, 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Zones, Auto Changeover, ABS, 0 to 120 deg F, 7-1/4 in W x 7.63 in H x 1.38 in D

Dimensions      :      7-1/4 in W x 7.63 in H x 1.38 in D
  • Built-in LEDs indicate system status and indicators to show each zone's call
  • Color-coded, push in terminals blocks makes wiring simple and fast
  • Damper test buttons
  • Screwless push-in terminal blocks connection