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Midwest Snips® MWT-PBSET01

Midwest Snips® MWT-PBSET01 Pookie Buster Bit Set

Midwest Snips® MWT-PBSET01

The pookie buster is a magnetic hex nut driver with a patented broach cut that eliminates the unnecessary extra work needed to remove mastic, caulking, tape or any other type of "pookie" that is coving the hex head of a screw. The bits are meant to be used as a standard magnetic nut driver but when faced with several screws coated in "pookie", the specialty designed broach makes easy work of removing the material so time is not wasted. Another benefit is reaching coated screws in tight areas where one cannot manually reach. Traditional bits were not designed to remove coated over screws, making the Pookie Buster far superior than all of them.

Midwest Snips® Pookie Buster Bit Set

  • Lower drill speeds increase longevity
  • Keep tip clean using a small screwdriver, knife or a pinpoint screw
  • Quickly removes hex head screws covered in pookie
  • Broach cut magnetic impact nut driver
  • Hexagonal drive type