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Mill-Rose 77095

Mill-Rose Blue Monster 77095 Heavy-Duty Citrus Scrubbing Towel, 10 Inch L x 12 I

Mill-Rose 77095
Brand Name      :      Mill-Rose
Sub Brand      :      Blue Monster
Item Name      :      Citrus Scrubbing Towel
Type      :      Heavy-Duty
  • Pre-moistened, heavy-duty cleaning towels dispensed from a handy, fip-top container
  • They are saturated with a safe, effective cleaning solution combined with a tough, dual textured towel to loosen, dissolve and absorb dirt and grease leaving your hands clean
  • One side is rough for scrubbing and the other side is smooth
  • These towels require no water and leave hands feeling conditioned and clean with no left-over residue
  • Keep hands, tools and hard surfaces clean from adhesives, asphalt, heavy soil, flux, grease, grime, oils and inks, paint, pipe dope, tar, lubricants, caulk, pipe cements, urethanes and more
  • Hand brush and nail brush included in each container
  • pdf Brochure/Catalog https://cdn-assets.unilogcorp.com/ASSETS-H/DOCUMENTS/ITEMS/EN/UNI-95888_Broc.pdf