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Dryerbox® PLAC34-6

Dryerbox® PLAC34-6 Dryer Placard Label, English, 3 in H, 4 in W, Polycarbona

Dryerbox® PLAC34-6

The 2009 international mechanical and international residential code now require a permanent label showing a duct runs' equivalent length. PLAC34 is a nationally recognized solution that meets code requirements and makes it easier to use the dryer manufacturer's maximum allowed run-length. Made to last, the 3 X 4 in PLAC34 is thick velvet-textured 3M Scotchcal™ 3650-10 substrate with pressure sensitive Hi Tack adhesive that permanently sticks to a wide variety of surfaces including low energy surfaces such as plastics and powder coated paints. This label is generally applied on the baseboard or wall in proximity to the wall outlet or in the Dryerbox receptacle if one exists.

Dryerbox® Dryer Placard Label, English, RISK OF FIRE, Polycarbonate, 3 in H, 4 in W, 0.01 in Thick

Language      :      English
Legend      :      RISK OF FIRE
Material      :      Polycarbonate
Width      :      4 in
Thickness      :      0.01 in