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Sensible Products® FBG-1

Sensible Products® FBG-1 Filterbox Grabber, Upto 20 lb Capacity

Sensible Products® FBG-1

The patented filter box grabber from Sensible Products is a new tool developed for lifting filter-boxes from ground to roof level. This tool saves you the time and energy wasted climbing up and down ladders, making your service contracts much more profitable. To utilize the filter box grabber's unique grab and pull system, simply lower the filter box grabber and position above the box of filters, as shown at the right. With a quick drop, the locking mechanism is activated, and the filter box grabber clamps onto the sides allowing you to lift your filter box.

Sensible Products® Filterbox Grabber, Upto 20 lb Capacity

Capacity      :      Upto 20 lb
  • The tool lifts filter boxes from the ground to roof level efficiently and safely
  • Save time - no more trips up and down ladders while carrying filter boxes
  • Maximize profits - fulfill service contracts with only one person
  • Unique grab and pull system
  • Made in USA