Gastite 30052-NG

Gastite FlashShield Pietro Fiorentini 30052-NG System Regulator, 3/4 Inch NPT

Gastite 30052-NG
Brand Name      :      Gastite
Sub Brand      :      FlashShield Pietro Fiorentini
Item Name      :      System Regulator
Nominal Size      :      3/4 Inch
Connection Type      :      NPT
Nominal Capacity      :      848 MBTU
Fuel Type      :      Natural Gas
Pressure Rating      :      8 Inch WC
  • Vent limited regulators in excess of 5 million BTU
  • Multi-position mounting while maintaining vent limiting device
  • No largest single appliance restrictions
  • No need to run vents to the outdoors (with local code approval)
  • Vent orifice protective cap included
  • Outdoor vent protector is used when vent-limiting orifice is removed for outdoor installation of regulator
  • For use in elevated pressure systems (in excess of 1/2 psi) to reduce pressure to standard appliance use levels