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Slant/Fin® SE70EDP

Slant/Fin® Sentinel SE70EDP Gas Boiler, 82.3 % AFUE, 70000 Btu/hr BTU, 115 V

Slant/Fin® SE70EDP

The Sentinel boiler is a hot water gas boiler with a heat exchanger which has for years been a "workhorse" of the heating industry. The Sentinel is available for use with propane or natural gas. This boiler is popular with many heating contractors for performance and reliability.

Slant/Fin® Sentinel Gas Boiler, 115 V, 60 Hz, 1 -Phase, 82.3 % AFUE, 70000 Btu/hr BTU, 1-1/2 in Connection, Natural Gas Fuel, 58000 Btu/hr DOE, Intermittent Ignition, Cast Iron Housing, 17-5/8 in W x 28-7/16 in H x 19-3/4 in D

AFUE Rating      :      82.3 %
Dimensions      :      17-5/8 in W x 28-7/16 in H x 19-3/4 in D
  • Hot water system
  • Natural draft and atmospheric
  • Easy installation and reliable operation that natural draft design provides
  • High performance cast-iron heat exchanger
  • Specially shaped thermal pins promoting efficient heat transfer
  • Assembled with only durable metal push nipples
  • No mechanical combustion aids are required
  • Special port construction will not permit flame to lift or flash back