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Bacharach® 0024-8512

Bacharach® Fyrite® InTech® 0024-8512 Combustion Analyzer Kit, 2.7 in

Bacharach® 0024-8512

The Fyrite InTech is the perfect tool for entry-level and residential technicians who need to ensure safe operating conditions and determine combustion efficiency. The InTech features 6 fuels in the North American configuration to suit a wide variety of applications. The InTech includes sensors for O2 and CO, with an option for an external NOx filter. The CO sensor can be replaced in the field without down time using B-Smart pre-calibrated sensors. The InTech calculates values like efficiency, CO2 and CO air-free to help monitor combustion processes effectively and accurately. The Fyrite InTech calculates CO2 value based upon other measured values during the combustion process. It does not measure CO2 directly.

Bacharach® Fyrite® InTech® Combustion Analyzer Kit, Natural Gas, Oil 2/6, Kerosene, Propane, Butane, LP Gas, B5, KOKS, LEG, Biofuel Fuel, 2.7 in Monochrome LCD with Backlight Display, (4) AA Battery Power Supply, 0 - 2000 mg/L for CO and 0 - 20.9% for O2 Measuring Range, +/-0.3% (on Flue Gas) for Oxygen and +/-10 mg/L (0 - 200), +/-5% Reading (201 - 2000) for CO Accuracy, 0.1% for Oxygen and 1 mg/L for CO Resolution, Less Than 20 sec for Oxygen and Greater Than 40 sec for CO Response, 300 - 700 cu-in/min, 15 - 90% RH Non-Condensing Humidity, 23 - 113 deg F, 3.6 in W x 8 in H x 2.3 in D

Dimensions      :      3.6 in W x 8 in H x 2.3 in D
  • An entry-level, easy-to-use combustion analyzer
  • Measures O2, CO, stack and air temperature for complete combustion analysis
  • Exclusive B-Smart pre-calibrated CO sensor for easy field replacement
  • Compatible with the bacharach reporting app