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BROAN® MD6TU Make-Up Air Damper with Pressure Sensor Kit, 6 in, Steel, Galva


Designed to provide the best technology to equalize pressure between indoors and outdoors, while providing effective ventilation for a cleaner, healthier home. Eliminate gases, smoke or particulates generated from naturally vented combustion devices like a fireplace or water heater. Only Broan offers such a complete and simple solution for automatic and controlled fresh air into the home every time you turn on the range hood! This is an interlocked, synchronized system that installs easily and requires only low voltage wiring to the sensor. Perfect for new construction or retrofit into an existing home.

BROAN® Make-Up Air Damper with Pressure Sensor Kit, 6 in Size, 400 cu-ft/min, 24 ga, Steel, Galvanized, Motor Specification: 24 VAC at 60 Hz, Round, 10 in L x 9 in H

Motor Specifications      :      24 VAC at 60 Hz
Dimensions      :      10 in L x 9 in H
  • Broan interlocked make-up air dampers provide outside air when required to keep the air in the home fresher by allowing the range hood to operate at optimum levels
  • Universal design works with any Broan range hood to balance indoor air pressure by providing interlocked make up air without requiring a direct wire connection between the range hood and the damper
  • Instead a sensor is attached to the exhaust duct to detect if the range hood is operating
  • Slave dampers (MD6S, MD8S or MD10S) are interlocked to the main automatic or universal make-up air damper and open in unison for synchronized operation
  • They close, along with the main damper, as soon as the range hood is powered off
  • Slave dampers can be ganged together to provide a cost effective means to provide for higher volumes of make-up air
  • Interlocked make-up air damper systems meet IRC Code requirements for make-up air with range hoods over 400 cu-ft/min
  • Fresh air wall caps are required for use with make-up air dampers
  • Automatically opens when exhaust fans are activated
  • Foam seals minimize air leakage
  • Damper adjustment screw for balancing adjustments
  • Include pressure switch kit, 24 V, 20VA transformer
  • Normally closed damper