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Bard® VIC1500-48

Bard® VIC1500-48 Power Supply Inverter, 48 VDC Output

Bard® VIC1500-48

The inverter is only installed on sites where a generator is not present and the units must ventilate the shelter during a power loss event. The Fusion-Tec wall mount unit will detect when main AC power is lost and automatically switch to inverter power, utilizing the shelter battery bank. The inverter will convert either -24 VDC (on VIC1500-24 models) or -48 VDC (on VIC15000-48 models) to 230 VAC. When main AC power is lost at the Fusion-Tec wall unit, it will energize the power loss relay allowing only the blower and economizer to run-no mechanical cooling permitted. The shelter controller is powered directly from the shelter DC power supply. A relay output from theinverter will communicate to the supervisory controller if an inverter fault occurs. This notification will be available for remote communication through the shelter controller Ethernet port. The units will continue to run in economizer-only operation until power has been restored or the battery power has been depleted. The VIC1500 models contain an inverter, a circuit breaker for DC voltage and two circuit breakers for the wall-mount units (one per unit).

Bard® Power Supply Inverter, 48 VDC Output

Output Voltage      :      48 VDC
  • Use 6 ga cable to connect the VIC1500-48 to the appropriate -48 VDC power supply
  • These connections are polarity sensitive
  • Connect the power source to the 20 A circuit breaker in the VIC1500 labelled "- 48 VDC +"