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ADEY® FL1-03-02701

ADEY® MagnaClean® Commercial™ FL1-03-02701 Water Filter With (6) N

ADEY® FL1-03-02701

The more industrial the system is, the bigger the magnetite problem. Tougher defenses are called for. MagnaClean® Commercial™ filters are proven to provide the powerful protection required. Available in five different sizes, these can deal with any system's scale, from light commercial through to real heavy duty industrial.

ADEY® MagnaClean® Commercial™ Water Filter, 3 in Size, 1.84 gal Capacity, 145 psi Pressure, Flange Connection, 8.27 in Diameter, For Use With: Hydronic Heating System, 304L Stainless Steel, 212 deg F, 15.56 in H Dimensions

Capacity      :      1.84 gal
Pressure Rating      :      145 psi
Connection Type      :      Flange
Diameter      :      8.27 in
Suitable For Use With      :      Hydronic Heating System
Material      :      304L Stainless Steel
Temperature Rating      :      212 deg F
Dimensions      :      15.56 in H
  • Collects large and micro magnetic and scale particles
  • Magnetic capture, better than traditional methods
  • Ongoing maintenance costs are reduced
  • Restores heating system efficiency and performance
  • Exceptional magnetic capture of black iron oxide, up to 80% better when tested against traditional methods
  • Helps restore heating system efficiency and performance, up to 30% more efficient
  • Simple installation and servicing
  • Individually adjustable magnets for easier and safer servicing