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M & G Duravent 3PPS-FP

M & G Duravent PolyPro 3PPS-FP Polypropylene Liner Flex Puller, 3 Inch

M & G Duravent 3PPS-FP

PolyPro and PVC/CPVC - PVC pipes are commonly used for venting water heaters, condensing boilers and warm air furnaces, yet PVC was never designed for such use. An engineered alternative for venting condensing gas appliances, PolyPro is 100% recyclable, contains no chlorides or heavy metals and is easier and faster to install than PVC, saving the contractor time and money. PolyPro does not release hazardous gases during combustion and has been used safely throughout Europe since the early 1990s. Polypropylene has a higher operating temperature limit of 230 deg F/110 deg C (PVC is 149 deg F/65 deg C max and CPVC is 194 deg F/90 deg C). PolyPro is engineered with a corrosion-free, condensation management system.

M & G Duravent Flex Puller, Liner, 3 Inch, Polypropylene

  • 0 Inch clearance to combustible
  • Use with the provided rope to guide PolyPro flex lengths down masonry chimney
  • 2 Inch version snaps onto flex, 3 - 5 Inch version twist-locks onto the male flex adapter