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Iqair North 412 82 20 13-5

Iqair North NanoMax 412 82 20 13-5 HVAC Air Filter, Nano and Micro Fiber Media,

Iqair North 412 82 20 13-5

IQAir NanoMax filters are a new generation of ultra-high performance filters for commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Designed to protect occupants from difficult to capture and harmful fine and ultra-fine particles, NanoMax filters are able to reduce exposure to viruses, bacteria, allergens and harmful traffic pollutants by up to 95%. This makes NanoMax filters the ideal choice for commercial buildings that require a high level of protection from airborne pollutants and microorganisms. NanoMax filters provide the filtration benefits of HEPA filters while eliminating the need for costly upgrades to a building's HVAC system. While HEPA filters provide close to 100% removal efficiencies for fine and ultra-fine particles, they require pre-filtration, 6 - 12 in filter bays and special air handling systems to overcome their high airflow resistance. In contrast, IQAir NanoMax filters require no pre-filters, fit into standard 2 in filter slots and have pressure drops fully compatible with standard HVAC systems.

Iqair North NanoMax HVAC Air Filter, Nano and Micro Fiber Media, 24 in Width, 24 in Height, 2 in D, 16 HEPA Rating, 492 fpm Rated Velocity, 0.38 in-WG Initial Resistance, 1.4 in-WG Final Resistance, 1968 cfm Air Flow Capacity, -22 to 122 deg F

Media Material      :      Nano and Micro Fiber
Width      :      24 in
Height      :      24 in
Depth      :      2 in
HEPA Rating      :      16
Rated Velocity      :      492 fpm
Initial Resistance      :      0.38 in-WG
Final Resistance      :      1.4 in-WG
Air Flow Capacity      :      1968 cfm
Temperature Rating      :      -22 to 122 deg F
  • Rivals HEPA filter performance without the pressure drop
  • Provides very high filtration efficiency with virtually no reduction in HVAC airflow
  • Requires no modification to HVAC system
  • Removes up to 95% of harmful fine and ultra-fine particles from indoor air in buildings
  • Lasts up to 4X longer than pleated HVAC filters
  • Unique nano and micro fiber filter media optimizes five filtration effects
  • Advanced HEPA pleat design maximizes surface area
  • Unique wedge seal helps eliminate filter bypass
  • Biodegradable frame resists moisture and is environmentally-friendly
  • Proven performance
  • Cost effective
  • pdf Catalog https://assets.unilogcorp.com/267/ITEM/DOC/Iqair_North_412_82_20_13_5_Catalog.pdf