About Us

Geary Pacific History

Geary Pacific has been in business since 1961. Our founder, Pat Geary, came to California from Minnesota in 1948. He went to work in the sheet metal industry as an apprentice and eventually worked his way up to foreman. Pat soon got involved in the heating and air conditioning end of the business and became a contractor. By 1961, he was ready to go into business for himself. Pat and his cousin Charlie rented a 2,800 square foot lemon & orange packing house and began with two product lines and one delivery truck.

Geary Pacific has come a long way since then. Pat's business grew and so did his family. Today, the company is run by 3 of Pat’s 4 children and their spouses, with the 3rd generation following closely in their footsteps. We have 30 locations in 8 states across the country working to partner with our customers to meet all their HVAC needs.

With modernization comes change. One thing that hasn't changed though is our Business Philosophy. At Geary Pacific, we try to treat customers as we would like to be treated. We sell only to contractors licensed to install the products we handle, because we believe that it is the expertise of the contractor as much as it is the quality of our products that lead to a successful Heating and Air Conditioning System.

February 2020 marks our 59th year in the HVAC Wholesale Distribution Business. We are proud to be a family-owned business with the second generation firmly committed to carrying on our tradition of service excellence. We owe our success to our many fine customers, to the manufacturers we represent, and to the dedication of our people to these customers and manufacturers.

Guiding Principles


What We Do

Geary Pacific is a Customer Service Company that also happens to be in the HVAC distribution business.


Why We Exist

We are committed to providing a safe work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth for all employees. We exist to bring happiness and prosperity to all of our customers, suppliers, and employees.


Our Desire

To be every customer’s partner by providing high-quality residential and light commercial HVAC products and services.


The Founding Principles That Guide Us