Dealer Program

Geary Pacific Supply Dealer Program

We are putting the finishing touches on our 2021 Dealer Program. Check back soon to see all of the exciting new features and sign up for a successful 2021 with Geary Pacific.

Outstanding Benefits:

  • No Annual Fee
  • Online Shopping 24/7/365 @
  • Free Access to Amana/Daikin/Goodman Partnerlink
  • Outstanding Accrual Program
  • ACCA, HRAI or SGI Membership Reimbursement
  • NATE Testing Discounts
  • Competitive Consumer Financing Programs
  • In-Home Selling Tools
  • Customizable Consumer Brochures
  • Marketing & Advertising Discount With Preferred Vendors
  • Direct Mail
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Billboard
  • Website Development
  • Promotional Merchandise
  • Competitive Extended Service Plans
  • Online and Mobile Payment Solutions
  • Vehicle Discounts
  • Generate More Leads
  • Close More Sales
  • Make More Profit
  • Exclusive Access to the largest contractor success organization in the U.S., The EverRest Group

Fujitsu Elite Contractor Program

  • Loyalty Rewards for Halcyon / Airstage Systems
  • Special Promotions, Financing, & Rebates
  • Consumer Leads
  • Free In-Person Training
  • Access to AdBuilder Online Marketing Center
  • 1 year Unit Replacement
  • Extra 2 years Parts and Compressor Warranty

Daikin 3D Dealer Program

  • Daikin Ductless Dealer Locator Placement and Leads
  • Priority Access to Distributor and Manufacturer Support Teams
  • Priority Technical Support Line
  • Discounts with many Daikin 3D Preferred Vendors
  • ACCA, HRAI or SGI Membership Reimbursement
  • NATE Testing Discounts
  • GM Vehicle Discounts
  • Daikin & Daikin University Technical Training Opportunities

Noritz Program

  • Access to the Noritz ProCard Program
  • Consumer Leads
  • Online Warranty and Service Registration
  • Technical Support 
  • Literature
  • Noritz University Training
  • EZ Pay Financing

Amana Advantage Specialist Program

  • 3% Accrual Funds for Qualifying Amana Serialized Products
  • Online Ordering Discount Promotions
  • Consumer Financing Promotions
  • Preferred Access to the Geary Pacific Technical Hotline
  • Sales & Technical Training
  • Lead Generation Programs
  • Amana Dealer Locator
  • NATE Exam

Consumer Financing

    • EnerBank USA Premium Program 
      • 4 easy ways to offer loans to appease all contractors
      • Get paid within 48 hours of project completion
      • Fully customizable and company branded flyers
      • Can be used for any home improvement project
      • $1,000 - $65,000 loans

  • Foundation Finance Company Foundational Program
    • 2 easy ways to offer loans
    • Call it in or place a button on your website
    • No-coast loans available for 1st and 2nd Look customers
    • No prepayment penalties
    • $2,500 - $55,000 loans

Commercial Financing

  • Contractor Benefits
    • Get paid 100% of the project bid price upfront
    • Get a decision within 2 hours
    • Loans from $10,000 to $80,000,000
  • Customer Benefits
    • 100% tax deductible for tenants & owners alike
    • Reduce utility bills by 20-30% to offset lease costs
    • Customer does not have to own the property

The All-In-One Financial Tool

  • Payzer is the all-in-one financial tool built for contractors
  • Online & Mobile Payments 
  • Easy, Instant Financing up to $55,00
  • Integrated 2nd Look Financing
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Mobile Check Imaging
  • Automatic Recurring Payment Plans
  • No Setup Fees & Seamlessly Integrated with Payzerware

The All-In-One Management Tool

  • Payzerware is an end-to-end operating system with tools for contractors to successfully operate and grow their business
  • Inbound call management
  • Technician Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Appointments and Reminders
  • Maintenance Agreements & Sales Proposals
  • Instant, Paperless Financing
  • Work Order Generation
  • Purchase Order Creation & Back Office Integration
  • Customer Invoicing & Electronic Payments
  • No Setup Fees & Rolling 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Building the Ultimate 20% Net Profit Company

  • The EverRest Group is the HVAC industry's largest and most powerful contractor succcess organization
  • EverRest program/strategies are quick, simple, and easy to execute
  • EverRest Dealers get access to the Precision Call Center
  • Precision Call Center will contact your customers and schedule appointments inside your existing software
  • Get your technicians face-to-face with customers in their homes
  • Guaranteed growth with new business and routine service checks
  • Pay only for appointments Precision Call Center actually books
  • Free up your employees to focus on your customers

Digital Marketing

  • Scorpion gives HVAC companies a competitive advantage in their local areas by making them more visible on the Internet
  • A world-class website to help you win the trust of new customers
  • Proven digital marketing strategies to bring your more calls/jobs
  • Award-winning technology and an easy-to-use online dashboard to help you track your marketing results
  • A team of digital marketing experts to guide your strategy, execute your campaigns, and deliver rapid support.

Flat Rate Pricing

  • Coolfront Technologies is the zero-cost mobile app that makes owning a service business easier and more profitable
  • Boost your profits by 30% with flat rate pricing
  • Set your hourly rates and part markups to deliver pricing based on your repair needs, allowing you to turn a profit on every repair
  • Coolfront's fully-customizable database of flate rate repairs ensures full payment by customers at time of collection
  • Coolfront works in real time and streamlines the whole process

Sales & Pricing Tools

  • Praxis provides heating & air conditioning contractors the most comprehensive sales & pricing management system available
  • Web-based tool for all HVAC pricing needs
  • Custom, fast, flexible, and effective
  • Made for contractors, built by a contractor
  • Amana Advantage Dealers receive discounts on Praxis software


  • Amana can help create advertising that delivers results
  • Billboards afford heightened visibility due to their size and because they allow creative "customizing"  
  • Billboard features include:
    • Large format offers maximum visibility an impact
    • Builds strong brand and image awareness
    • Delivers high reach & frequency over extended period of time
    • Provides continuous exposure of an advertising message

Radius Mail Marketing

  • Choose a Radius Marketing mail package and let your accrual dollars work for you!
  • After selecting your package and entering the previous install addresses, 50 personalized mail pieces will automatically be mailed to neighbors 3 times for 3 consecutive months
  • Dealers sell nearly 4 additional systems for every 5 that are radius marketed

Customized Dealer Brochures

  • Prints on one 11" x 17" sheet and folds to a final size of 8-1/2" x 11"
  • Pictures of their technicians, trucks, or their team
  • Company Logo
  • Phone Number
  • Website Address
  • Credit card specification and financing options
  • Professional accreditations or BBB rating if applicable
  • Short paragraph about their company
  • Products selection listed on custom brochure request form

Customized Graphic Solutions

  • Custom Vehicle Kits
  • Order Stock Vehicle Graphics
  • Customize Vehicle Graphics
  • Print On Demand Services 
    • Posters
    • Custom Brochures & Business Cards
    • Banners & Backdrops
  • Ordering Support, Technical Support, & Email Support Available
  • Call Digital Blue Print Solutions today at 281.246.1092

Print & Direct Mail

  • From small to large, simple to complicated - Bedrock Markets will get your print and direct mail done in one swoop!
  • Print
    • Flyers, billings, newsletters, brochures, dimensional products, die-cut mailers, door hangers, & newspaper inserts, etc.
  • Direct Mail
    • Every Door Direct Mail®, letters, postcards, self-mailers, & variable data mailers
  • Customer Analysis
  • Profiling Each of Your Market Areas
  • Helping You Track Your Results

Nissan & Infiniti Fleet Vehicle Discount Program

  • Discount Program for Amana Specialist and Daikin 3D Dealers
  • America's Best Truck and Commercial Van Warranty
    • 5 Years / 100,000 Miles
    • Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty
    • 2018 TITAN and TITAN XD
  • Allowances for 2020 model year vehicles up to $9,500
  • Contact your Geary Pacific Supply Territory Sales Manager for complete details

General Motors Fleet Vehicle Discount Program

    • Discount Program for Amana Specialist and Daikin 3D Dealers
    • 2020 Model Year Competitive Assistance Program
      • Mid-And Full-Size Truck
      • Chassis Cab
      • Low Cab Forward
    • Allowances for 2020 model year vehicles up to $9,500
    • Contact your Geary Pacific Supply Territory Sales Manager for complete details

GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions

  • Smart Fleet is a family-owned GPS tracking and fleet management solutions company backed by large software companies providing quality and reliable products
  • Real time GPS Tracking
  • GPS Fleet Tracking Reports
  • GPS Fleet Tracking Alerts
  • Dispatching to Smartphones & Tablets
  • GPS technology can transform the way you manage your business by providing real-time visibility into what's happening in the field

Vehicle Decals & Wraps

  • Turn you company's vehicles into advertising machines by applying customized Amana decals & wraps
  • Custom vehicle graphics will build awareness with every trip your HVAC company vehicle makes
  • Traveling advertisement valuable in both urban and rural settings
  • Choose a sample layout from Digital Blue Print Solutions to create your own custom vehicle graphics 

Increase Call Conversion and WOW Customers

  • Power Selling Prosprovides customer service coaching for home service businesses
  • Get all the tools needed to master call-handling and book every call
  • Learn a proven call handling process to WOW more customers, overcome price objections, and work with difficult customers
  • Your call handling team and CSR's will be more enthusiastic, develop better listening skills, empathize more with customers, present the best solutions, and book more appointments!

ASURESM Extended Service Plan

  • Adds value to homeowner's purchase
  • Provides the homeowner peace of mind that they have protected their investment and guaranteed their comfort system for the terms of their agreement against unplanned repair bills
  • Builds your customer base
  • Providing worry-free comfort earns your customer's loyalty and confidence

Amana Product Catalog Integration

  • ServiceTitan is the #1 home services software for contractors
  • Its leading mobile, cloud-based software platform helps home service companies grow revenue, capture more profit, streamline operations, and provide a world-class customer experience
  • Amana Product Catalog is eligible for reimbursement with available Amana accrual funds Up to $2,500
  • ServiceTitan's integration with Amana gives your team a digital Amana product catalog at their fingertips-complete with vivid photos, product specs, and more!
    • Build estimates in an instant
    • Book bigger tickets
    • Provide customers info. on Amana's trusted product line

TV & Radio Broadcast Advertising

    • To help increase sales and profits, Amana Advantage Dealers will have access to professional advertising tools

    • TV
      • Reach is a major advantage in TV Ads
      • Most highly rated prime-time TV shows often times have millions of viewers on a given night

  • Radio
    • Typically viewed as one of the lower-cost traditional media, as it does not require the video equipment and logistics of producing more expensive television commercials
    • Often sold in packages of a certain # of spots in a rotation

Streamline Your In-Home Sales Process

  • Perfect Pitch, powered by Wrightsoft®, is an easy-to-use, customized sales tool that streamlines your in-home sales process with proven techniques that increase dealer sales
  • From the instant block load through the tailored, on-the-spot proposals, your sales pitch has never been easier or more effective
    • Customized "About Us" Dealer's Story
    • ACCA-Approved Manual J Load Calculation Integration
    • Consumer Finance Integration
    • Customized and Pre-Loaded Equipment Pricing
    • Multiple Device Displays (Laptops, Apple, & Android tablets)
    • Electronic Sales Process (Email Quote, Contract, E-Signature)
    • Cost of Ownership Savings Calculation Demonstrates ROI

In-Home Sales Brochures

  • Great way to present a professional appearance to any homeowner
  • Add your company information, select your equipment options, consumer financing options & accessories
  • Printed copies delivered to your office within 14 days of approval
  • Contact your Geary Pacific Supply Territory Sales Manager for your customized Amana In-Home Sales brochure!