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Dealer Program

2024 Geary Pacific Supply Dealer Program

Outstanding Benefits:

  • No Annual Fee
  • Online Shopping 24/7/365 @ www.gearypacific.com
  • Free Access to Amana Partnerlink
  • Outstanding Accrual Program
  • ACCA, HRAI or SGI Membership Reimbursement
  • NATE Testing Discounts
  • Competitive Consumer Financing Programs
  • In-Home Selling Tools
  • Customizable Consumer Brochures
  • Marketing & Advertising Discount With Preferred Vendors
  • Direct Mail
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Billboard
  • Website Development
  • Promotional Merchandise
  • Competitive Extended Service Plans
  • Online and Mobile Payment Solutions
  • Vehicle Discounts
  • Generate More Leads
  • Close More Sales
  • Make More Profit
  • Exclusive Access to the largest contractor success organization in the U.S., The EverRest Group

Amana Advantage Specialist Program

  • 3% Accrual Funds for Qualifying Amana Serialized Products
  • Online Ordering Discount Promotions
  • Consumer Financing Promotions
  • Preferred Access to the Geary Pacific Technical Hotline
  • Sales & Technical Training
  • Lead Generation Programs
  • Amana Dealer Locator
  • NATE Exam

Consumer Financing

    • EnerBank USA Premium Program 
      • 4 easy ways to offer loans to appease all contractors
      • Get paid within 48 hours of project completion
      • Fully customizable and company branded flyers
      • Can be used for any home improvement project
      • $1,000 - $65,000 loans

  • GreenSky
    • Maximum credit limit approvals
    • Integrated with all major business management software platforms

    • Pre-approvals without a credit pull
    • Text-based loan application process

  • FTL Finance
    • Dedicated contractor support
    • Prescreen homeowners beforehand

    • Line of credit programs
    • Name brand recognition

Commercial Financing

  • Contractor Benefits
    • Get paid 100% of the project bid price upfront
    • Get a decision within 2 hours
    • Loans from $10,000 to $80,000,000
  • Customer Benefits
    • 100% tax deductible for tenants & owners alike
    • Reduce utility bills by 20-30% to offset lease costs
    • Customer does not have to own the property

The All-In-One Financial Tool

  • Payzer is the all-in-one financial tool built for contractors
  • Online & Mobile Payments 
  • Easy, Instant Financing up to $55,00
  • Integrated 2nd Look Financing
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Mobile Check Imaging
  • Automatic Recurring Payment Plans
  • No Setup Fees & Seamlessly Integrated with Payzerware

The All-In-One Management Tool

  • Payzerware is an end-to-end operating system with tools for contractors to successfully operate and grow their business
  • Inbound call management
  • Technician Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Appointments and Reminders
  • Maintenance Agreements & Sales Proposals
  • Instant, Paperless Financing
  • Work Order Generation
  • Purchase Order Creation & Back Office Integration
  • Customer Invoicing & Electronic Payments
  • No Setup Fees & Rolling 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Building the Ultimate 20% Net Profit Company

  • The EverRest Group is the HVAC industry's largest and most powerful contractor succcess organization
  • EverRest program/strategies are quick, simple, and easy to execute
  • EverRest Dealers get access to the Precision Call Center
  • Precision Call Center will contact your customers and schedule appointments inside your existing software
  • Get your technicians face-to-face with customers in their homes
  • Guaranteed growth with new business and routine service checks
  • Pay only for appointments Precision Call Center actually books
  • Free up your employees to focus on your customers

Digital Marketing

  • Scorpion gives HVAC companies a competitive advantage in their local areas by making them more visible on the Internet
  • A world-class website to help you win the trust of new customers
  • Proven digital marketing strategies to bring your more calls/jobs
  • Award-winning technology and an easy-to-use online dashboard to help you track your marketing results
  • A team of digital marketing experts to guide your strategy, execute your campaigns, and deliver rapid support.

Flat Rate Pricing

  • Coolfront Technologies is the zero-cost mobile app that makes owning a service business easier and more profitable
  • Boost your profits by 30% with flat rate pricing
  • Set your hourly rates and part markups to deliver pricing based on your repair needs, allowing you to turn a profit on every repair
  • Coolfront's fully-customizable database of flate rate repairs ensures full payment by customers at time of collection
  • Coolfront works in real time and streamlines the whole process

Sales & Pricing Tools

  • Praxis provides heating & air conditioning contractors the most comprehensive sales & pricing management system available
  • Web-based tool for all HVAC pricing needs
  • Custom, fast, flexible, and effective
  • Made for contractors, built by a contractor
  • Amana Advantage Dealers receive discounts on Praxis software


  • Amana can help create advertising that delivers results
  • Billboards afford heightened visibility due to their size and because they allow creative "customizing"  
  • Billboard features include:
    • Large format offers maximum visibility an impact
    • Builds strong brand and image awareness
    • Delivers high reach & frequency over extended period of time
    • Provides continuous exposure of an advertising message

Radius Mail Marketing

  • Choose a Radius Marketing mail package and let your accrual dollars work for you!
  • After selecting your package and entering the previous install addresses, 50 personalized mail pieces will automatically be mailed to neighbors 3 times for 3 consecutive months
  • Dealers sell nearly 4 additional systems for every 5 that are radius marketed

Customized Graphic Solutions

  • Custom Vehicle Kits
  • Order Stock Vehicle Graphics
  • Customize Vehicle Graphics
  • Print On Demand Services 
    • Posters
    • Custom Brochures & Business Cards
    • Banners & Backdrops
  • Ordering Support, Technical Support, & Email Support Available
  • Call Digital Blue Print Solutions today at 281.246.1092

Print & Direct Mail

  • From small to large, simple to complicated - Bedrock Markets will get your print and direct mail done in one swoop!
  • Print
    • Flyers, billings, newsletters, brochures, dimensional products, die-cut mailers, door hangers, & newspaper inserts, etc.
  • Direct Mail
    • Every Door Direct Mail®, letters, postcards, self-mailers, & variable data mailers
  • Customer Analysis
  • Profiling Each of Your Market Areas
  • Helping You Track Your Results

Nissan & Infiniti Fleet Vehicle Discount Program

  • Discount Program for Amana Specialist and Daikin 3D Dealers
  • America's Best Truck and Commercial Van Warranty
    • 5 Years / 100,000 Miles
    • Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty
    • 2023 TITAN and TITAN XD
  • Allowances for 2023 model year vehicles up to $11,000
  • Contact your Geary Pacific Supply Territory Sales Manager for complete details

General Motors Fleet Vehicle Discount Program

      • Discount Program for Amana Specialist and Daikin 3D Dealers
      • 2023 Model Year Competitive Assistance Program
        • Mid-And Full-Size Truck
        • Chassis Cab
        • Low Cab Forward
      • Allowances for 2023 model year vehicles up to $5,800
      • Contact your Geary Pacific Supply Territory Sales Manager for complete details

    GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions

    • Smart Fleet is a family-owned GPS tracking and fleet management solutions company backed by large software companies providing quality and reliable products
    • Real time GPS Tracking
    • GPS Fleet Tracking Reports
    • GPS Fleet Tracking Alerts
    • Dispatching to Smartphones & Tablets
    • GPS technology can transform the way you manage your business by providing real-time visibility into what's happening in the field

    Vehicle Decals & Wraps

    • Turn you company's vehicles into advertising machines by applying customized Amana decals & wraps
    • Custom vehicle graphics will build awareness with every trip your HVAC company vehicle makes
    • Traveling advertisement valuable in both urban and rural settings
    • Choose a sample layout from Digital Blue Print Solutions to create your own custom vehicle graphics 

    Increase Call Conversion and WOW Customers

    • Power Selling Prosprovides customer service coaching for home service businesses
    • Get all the tools needed to master call-handling and book every call
    • Learn a proven call handling process to WOW more customers, overcome price objections, and work with difficult customers
    • Your call handling team and CSR's will be more enthusiastic, develop better listening skills, empathize more with customers, present the best solutions, and book more appointments!

    ASURESM Extended Service Plan

    • Adds value to homeowner's purchase
    • Provides the homeowner peace of mind that they have protected their investment and guaranteed their comfort system for the terms of their agreement against unplanned repair bills
    • Builds your customer base
    • Providing worry-free comfort earns your customer's loyalty and confidence

    Amana Product Catalog Integration

    • ServiceTitan is the #1 home services software for contractors
    • Its leading mobile, cloud-based software platform helps home service companies grow revenue, capture more profit, streamline operations, and provide a world-class customer experience
    • Amana Product Catalog is eligible for reimbursement with available Amana accrual funds Up to $2,500
    • ServiceTitan's integration with Amana gives your team a digital Amana product catalog at their fingertips-complete with vivid photos, product specs, and more!
      • Build estimates in an instant
      • Book bigger tickets
      • Provide customers info. on Amana's trusted product line

    TV & Radio Broadcast Advertising

      • To help increase sales and profits, Amana Advantage Dealers will have access to professional advertising tools

      • TV
        • Reach is a major advantage in TV Ads
        • Most highly rated prime-time TV shows often times have millions of viewers on a given night

    • Radio
      • Typically viewed as one of the lower-cost traditional media, as it does not require the video equipment and logistics of producing more expensive television commercials
      • Often sold in packages of a certain # of spots in a rotation

    Streamline Your In-Home Sales Process

    • Perfect Pitch, powered by Wrightsoft®, is an easy-to-use, customized sales tool that streamlines your in-home sales process with proven techniques that increase dealer sales
    • From the instant block load through the tailored, on-the-spot proposals, your sales pitch has never been easier or more effective
      • Customized "About Us" Dealer's Story
      • ACCA-Approved Manual J Load Calculation Integration
      • Consumer Finance Integration
      • Customized and Pre-Loaded Equipment Pricing
      • Multiple Device Displays (Laptops, Apple, & Android tablets)
      • Electronic Sales Process (Email Quote, Contract, E-Signature)
      • Cost of Ownership Savings Calculation Demonstrates ROI