A ductless system allows you to to control rooms independently from the rest of the system, either as a single-zone or a multi-zone system with complete individual room control.  It is a convenient, economical, and energy-efficient cooling and heating solution for either one room or multiple rooms.

Installing a ductless system is faster, requires less labor, and is less disruptive to your home or business.  By using a ductless system, you won't have to worry about energy loss from duct leakage and you'll be able to save money by only heating and cooling occupied rooms.

Here at Geary Pacific, we offer a variety of ductless products, including the Daikin split and multi-split systems shown below:

Single Zone

• Connects one indoor unit to an outdoor unit

• Installs simply and unobtrusively to buildings with no need for ductwork

• Delivers a sophisticated indoor comfort solution to single zone interior spaces at an affordable price

• Provides a simple solution for one-room additions

Multi Zone

• Connects up to eight indoor units to a single outdoor unit

• Installs a complete indoor comfort system to multiple zone interior spaces with no need for ductwork

• Provides individual control of room temperature settings

• Enables indoor units of different styles and capacities in one system for customized solutions unique to each residential setting

Daikin 3D Dealer Program

Dedicated. Developed. Distinguished

Working Together to Accelerate Your Business

When you join the Daikin 3D Dealer Program, you become part of a distinguished group of dealers dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to your customers. Through the program, you’ll receive best-in-class training to ensure industry-leading installations, and exceed customer expectations. And, once you complete higher levels of training, you’ll distinguish yourself as a Daikin 3D Platinum Dealer.

3D Partnership for Success

The Daikin 3D Dealer Program brings Dealers, Distributors, and Daikin AC together to build our industry … and your HVAC business. When you become a Daikin 3D Dealer, you’ll have access to the best training program in the industry, to help you sell more of the best products in the world.

3D Partnership is Rewarding

As a Daikin 3D Dealer, you’ll receive benefits and business-building promotions—advertising materials, billboards, websites—that are not available to other dealers. Plus you’ll have access to marketing services support if you need it.

3D Partnership Fuels Growth

The Daikin 3D Dealer Program has new training, marketing, and online awareness tools to help you find and develop more customers. Whether your business is primarily residential, light commercial – or both – you’ll find new ways to promote your company to new customers throughout the year.

Daikin 3D Dealer Program Requirements

To participate in the Daikin 3D Dealer program, you must agree to:

  • Meet the Daikin AC University training requirements for Daikin 3D Dealer or 3D Platinum Dealer levels.
  • Commit to conducting your business in a professional manner by signing the Daikin AC Professional Standards.
  • Meet all the licensing and compliance requirements required at your local and state levels.
  • Demonstrate professionalism in handling all field service related issues.
  • Use your best efforts to quickly resolve all customer issues and complaints.
  • Offer Daikin AC on all ductless opportunities.
  • Keep your business contact information up-to-date in the Daikin 3D Dealer Portal.
  • Use the Daikin 3D Dealer Portal Lead Management System.
  • Daikin 3D Platinum Dealers also commit to building and maintaining an active and updated website promoting Daikin AC products.


Contractors: Choose a Primary Distributor For Extra Support and Tools

Fujitsu's Elite Contractor Program is for Halcyon, Airstage, and residential Unitary Contractors.  Fujitsu Elite Contractors are distinguished from other other contractors because of their premier level of training they've earned, and the support and service they provide to their customers.  Becoming an Elite Contractor earns you access to Fujitsu's top-notch sales support tools.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards monies are earned for each system that's submitted for online warranty registration.  Loyalty Rewards can be redeemed for sales literature, branded items and wearables, advertising, home shows, van signage and more.

Consumer Leads

Consumer leads are achieved through priority ranking on the fujitsugeneral.com Contractor Locator.

Free In-Person Training 

Free in-person training for one employee per year to attend one of the courses held at a Fujitsu Training Academy location.

Special Promotions, Financing, and Rebates

Special promotions, financing, and rebates are offered to Elite Contractors.  At times Fujitsu will run promotions unique to Elite contractors or provide Elite contractors with better incentives on nationally run programs or Fujitsu Home Comfort Financing offers.


Consumer leads are achieved through priority ranking on the fujitsugeneral.com Contractor Locator.

Additional Service and Support Tools

Consumer leads are achieved through priority ranking on the fujitsugeneral.com Contractor Locator.

Extra 2 Years Parts and Compressor Warranty

To participate in the Daikin 3D Dealer program, you must agree to:

How To Become Elite

A contracting company can earn Elite Contractor status by achieving 20 training points and 20 product registration points.  In-person training courses are required.  See full program for additional details and information.

For more information, visit 

Contractors: Choose a Primary Distributor For Extra Support and Tools

When the Main User from a Contracting company logs in to their online Toolbox account, they will be prompted with the option to choose a primary distributor within a geographic area of 10, 25, 50, or 100 miles.

Why Choose a Primary Distributor?

Support, Support, Support!

Only a primary distributor can assist a contractor with their online Toolbox account.

Contractors can view contact information for their primary distributor, including contact information of their TSA and main salesperson.


Primary distributors can sponsor contractors at training classes by paying for some or all of the training fees.

Programs and Promotions

Some promotional programs, like consumer rebates, require  that all channel members, manufacturer, distributor, and contractor, participate in funding.  This allows for a shared program in which the consumer incentive is significantly large to help generate leads.  In order to support these types of programs, we need to have prior approval from your distributor partner to support the program.

How To Choose a Primary Distributor

(1) "Choose a distributor from the dropdown List"

Choose within a 10, 25, 50 or 100-mile radius.  Once you've made your selection, the distributor you chose will receive an email and will be prompted to "accept" the position of being your primary distributor.

(2) "Not now"

This should be your response if you'd like to be asked again during future logins.

(1) "Don't ask me this again"

This should be your response if you're choosing not to align yourself with any one distributor and receive the benefits listed above.  However, you can still select a primary distributor at a future date.

For more information, visit