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The Amana Advantage

The 2021 Amana Advantage Dealer Program is designed to provide select residential replacement dealers with marketing and business tools to drive sales growth and profits.

The Amana brand of heating and cooling systems is a leading manufacturer of residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC systems and refrigerants. The Amana brand provides innovative, premium quality indoor climate management solutions to meet the changing needs of customers. 

Before leaving the assembly line, each Amana brand product is tested. The Amana brand provides strong limited product warranty coverage, as its products are built to provide lasting performance.

The United States has been relying on premium, long-lasting Amana brand products since 1934. The Amana brand has a rich history of technological developments that have resulted in energy-efficient heating and cooling performance for a variety of homes and budgets.

Effective February 1, 2020, several Amana brand energy-efficient models now qualify for an additional Two-Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty*.  To receive the 2-Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty, online registration must be completed within 60 days of installation.  Online registration is not required in California.

Lead Generation

We are committed to providing the Advantage dealer with industry leading web-based lead generation programs designed to “make the phones ring”. We have teamed with cutting-edge technology companies to provide the Advantage dealers with search engine marketing lead results that can dramatically increase lead traffic for our dealers in their local geographies.


To help increase sales and profits, Advantage dealers will have access to professional advertising tools that highlight the dealers’ professionalism. Choose from a full assortment of print campaigns, broadcast, radio, TV, and SEO and SEM internet options. Dealers can utilize these choices of advertising mediums, as well as their choice of ad agencies to help retain and grow their existing customer base.

Sales and Marketing

We offer outstanding dealer website solutions to assist homeowners in the HVAC replacement decision-making process. We have also created online tools that will assist in providing lead generation materials and information, at your fingertips. In addition, free consumer product literature will help you present a professional image during the sales process. Advanced SEO and SEM internet tools can help generate new qualified sales leads and get new customers through your company’s website.

Consumer Financing

Consumer financing can be one of your most effective tools when closing the sale at the kitchen table. Closing sales with consumer financing takes your customer off the market and helps you gain additional market share. It’s also a great way to enjoy increased profits through upselling, more extended service agreements sold, more maintenance contracts secured, and a quicker close in the home. Advantage dealers will have access to competitive and innovative consumer financing programs and seasonal promotional offerings. These promotional offerings will afford our dealers the opportunity to close more jobs with higher efficiency equipment, enjoy higher average tickets, and increased gross margin dollars on those jobs.

Extended Service Plans

Asure Extended Service Plans will give homeowners that additional peace of mind associated with a worry-free system. Multiple service plan offerings are available to meet every need. Selling Amana brand HVAC products with extended service plans can help you make additional gross margin dollars. These plans are currently administered by the manufacturer and not by third party insurance providers.