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Welcome Heating Supply

Hello Idaho!

There's been an exciting change of ownership as Heating Supply Company has now transitioned to Geary Pacific Corporation. Just like Heating Supply Company, Geary Pacific is a full line HVAC wholesaler distributor that sells exclusively to licensed contractors. Moreover, Geary Pacific is also a family-owned business that has been serving the western United States for over half a century.

Geary Pacific would like to welcome all Heating Supply Company customers to its family!  Heating Supply Company is a perfect fit as it is firmly committed to customer service and shares many of Geary Pacific's same products and vendors, such as Goodman and Amana. With more products now on-hand, there will be a wider selection of products for customers to choose from.  Needless to say, the combination of these two very complimentary HVAC Supply Houses will result in enhanced capabilities, products, and services for customers.

With the acquisition of Heating Supply Company, Geary Pacific now has two additional branches in Boise and Idaho Falls. These mark our 29th and 30th branches and expand Geary Pacific into its 8th western state. Geary Pacific is excited to welcome the "Gem State" to its fold.

Geary Pacific's business philosophy is to treat customers how they want to be treated – a philosophy that has not changed since we entered the HVAC wholesale Distribution business in 1961. Some of our founding principles include integrity, dependability, communication, and happiness. We are in the business to help our customers with whatever they need to complete their jobs, grow their business, and generate industry-leading profits. Geary Pacific is proud to be a family-owned business with the second and third generation of family firmly committed to carrying on our tradition of service excellence.