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Meet Bard's Next Generation of Wall-Mount Cooling Solutions

Posted on Monday Apr 08, 2019 at 02:48PM in Vendor Bulletins

Bard Manufacturing’s 11EER Next Generation Wall-Mount Cooling Solutions are taking the HVAC industry by storm. By delivering smart engineering, trusted protection, and rugged reliability, Bard is primed to meet the 11 EER mandates and surpass customer expectations.

Standard features on new 11 EER Wall-Mounts include:

Natural Fiber Insulation: cotton insulation replaces fiberglass, allowing for a cleaner and healthier environment.

Enclosed Condenser Fan Motor: longer life, more durability, and a higher heat rating than other fan motors; also operates better in low ambient conditions

Lockable Access Panel: provides added safety and security and protects access to breaker

Hydrophilic Evaporator Coils: increase both speed of drainage and wettability; can also increase resistance to certain corrosives

Balanced Climate: allows up to 35% more humidity to be removed than any other standard wall-mount unit on the market

Brushless DC Blower Motor/EC motor: Electronically Commutated Blower Motor allows extremely efficient motor run with continuous fan

All models have the same supply and return openings as units from the past 50 years, so purchasing curb adapters or cutting new holes is not necessary. Cabinet sizes range from 1-6 Ton. With Bard’s 11EER Next Generation of Wall-Mount Cooling Solutions, you’ll get the same wall fit outside, but new cutting-edge technology inside.

Bard’s modular industry success can also be attributed to its stable and reliable service, as modular manufacturers and end users have been able to count on Bard’s HVAC systems for over a century. In addition to having the advantage for modular buildings over traditional rooftop HVAC or mini-split systems, Bard is also the choice for schools worldwide. This is because Bard’s individualized wall-mounted comfort systems provide major energy savings and top-notch reliability, while still offering quiet operation, fresh air control, and patented packages.

Geary Pacific has partnered with Bard for over 55 years to provide world class service and support to our customers. Our knowledgeable local staff will work with you throughout the entire sales process beginning with a complementary job walk to determine the exact products and features you need to best suite your needs that fit in your budget. We have a wide variety of on-hand inventory to ensure you are able to get the products you need as quickly as possible. Contact your local Geary Pacific branch today to learn more about the new 11EER Bard Wall-Mount lineup of products.

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