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Big. Bold. Cold. Introducing the New Bard Mega-Tec Wall-Mount

Posted on Friday Mar 29, 2019 at 07:59AM in Vendor Bulletins

Say hello to Bard's new MEGA-TEC Wall-Mount Air Conditioner! The MEGA-TEC is a multi-stage, high-capacity sensible cooling SPVU system that offers exceptional efficiency for industrial-grade cooling and is sized to also be used as a slide-in replacement for existing SPVU HVAC systems. The launch of the AHRI-certified MEGA-TEC allows Bard to address the needs of high heat-load facilities that are operating in high durability industrial settings.

The MEGA-TEC satisfies the Department of Energy’s current minimum efficiency mandate of 10 EER, is IECC2015 compliant, and features an optional economizer able to provide “free cooling” by using outdoor air to cool an area within a facility when outdoor conditions are favorable. Bard’s Programmable Logic Control (PLC) technology even allows all of this next-level efficiency to be controlled remotely, as customers are able to manage up to 14 units with a single controller.

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