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COVID-19 Found in Air Conditioning System

Posted on Wednesday Jul 29, 2020 at 09:40AM in General

A recent study performed by University of Oregon and Oregon Health and Science University found RNA from COVID-19 in the air handler units for areas that served COVID-19 patients. This study is yet to be peer reviewed, but reaffirms many other recent studies that suggest that COVID-19 is not only transmitted via respiratory droplets, but that it is also transmitted via aerosols.

In the study, samples were taken from the MERV 10 pre-filter, MERV 15 final filter, and supply air dampers. 25% of the samples taken came back positive for RNA from COVID-19. The samples haven’t been tested to see if they’re infectious, but these findings are pushing medical facilities and businesses to adopt new indoor air quality practices.

Of these new recommended practices, improved air filtration, increased outside air ventilation, and UV germicidal irradiation have been shown to decrease the likelihood of viral transmission.

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