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FOOBOT Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Posted on Friday Nov 08, 2019 at 12:09PM in Product Specials

Polluted outdoor air is noticeable (you can see it, taste it, smell it). Conversely, indoor pollutants are often odorless and invisible, making it difficult to pinpoint hidden airborne toxins. Fortunately, the Airboxlab FOOBOT is the most advanced data processing air quality monitor on the market.

FOOBOT scans the surrounding environment and uses internal sensors to measure VOCs, PM2.5s, CO2, temperature, and humidity. It logs information at five-minute intervals to find the best solution for your air quality needs. FOOBOT’s LED color display provides a visual snapshot of your current air quality, displaying 3 colors (blue, orange, and red) to indicate air quality status. Additionally, FOOBOT has its own iOS and Android apps and integrates with IFTTT, Google Nest, and Amazon Alexa. This way you’ll receive warning notifications if the levels of Carbon Dioxide-eq or other dangerous pollutants spike.

Take control of your indoor air quality and pick up a FOOBOT Indoor Air Quality Monitor from your local Geary Pacific branch today.

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