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Posted on Monday Aug 05, 2019 at 04:21PM in Product Specials

Surprisingly, indoor air pollution is often five times worse than outdoor air pollution. In fact, commercial deodorizers used to freshen up, may be adding chemicals indoors that are pollutants. Fortunately, the unique design of APCO addresses both biological and chemical contaminants in indoor air.

This ozone-free air purifier uses a germicidal UV-C light to sterilize your HVAC equipment, killing germs such as mold, bacteria, and allergens. APCO neutralizes odors and toxic VOC’s. Plus, APCO’s activated carbon cells are self-cleaning, virtually making it a maintenance free system. Since APCO is installed in the duct work of the central air system, it works continuously to provide whole-home air purification.

Contact your local Geary Pacific branch today and one of our team members will help educate you on why the Fresh-Aire UV® APCO® TUV-APCO-ER2 is the right air purification system for your home.

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