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June is A-Gas Month!

Posted on Thursday Jun 01, 2023 at 10:29AM in Product Specials

A-Gas: The Leader in Lifecycle Refrigerant Management

A-Gas is the world leader in the supply and lifecycle management of refrigerants and associated products and services. For over 30 years, through our first-class recovery, reclamation, and repurposing processes, we have been capturing refrigerant gas for future re-use or safe destruction, preventing its harmful release into the atmosphere.

People around the world encounter A-Gas and our products every day, often without realizing it; from the refrigerant in the fridges and freezers at your local supermarket to the air conditioning in your car, what we do is a critical part of modern life.

A-Gas works with wholesale partners, like Geary Pacific Supply, to make refrigerant reclamation easy via our Refri-Claim program. Refri-Claim is an over-the-counter cylinder exchange program that gives wholesalers and their customers access to empty, clean, vacuumed, in-date recovery cylinders to facilitate refrigerant recovery and reclamation.

As the supply of HFCs tightens with federal and state regulations, reclaiming recovered refrigerant for re-use becomes even more important. By safely recovering refrigerant and bringing full recovery cylinders to your local Geary Pacific Supply, you are helping to secure the future supply of HFCs and participating in the circular economy.

A-Gas’ commitment to the circular economy and lifecycle refrigerant management is evident in our continued investment in innovative technology to support refrigerant reclamation and re-use. You can learn more about A-Gas’ latest capacity expansion on our website.

Together, we can build a more sustainable future, thanks to partners like Geary Pacific Supply and you!

What are you working on? How many do you need and when do you need them? We can help!

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