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March is Harris Month!

Posted on Wednesday Mar 01, 2023 at 09:34AM in Product Specials

Since 1905, the Harris name has been identified with innovative people, practices, and products as the industry leader in gas distribution solutions, consumables, and equipment used in a variety of industries.

Harris offers a full suite of products and services to maximize capabilities while minimizing cost. With their fill line of consumables and tools, they have something for every job you are working on.

Harris recently launched the Aluxcor product which helps technicians braze all aluminum coils without the fear of burning through the coil, by having a low temp, flux coated alloy that can be paired with a propane or Mapp gas torch to perform repairs. By using this low temp alloy, it eliminates the use of an Oxy-Acetylene high heat torch and lowers the likelihood of burning through and melting the tubing. This alloy is paired perfectly with their Trigger torch and Map-pro or propane gas. The trigger torch allows you to maintain a flame in difficult positions without sputtering, helping you complete a job faster and easier.

What are you working on? How many do you need and when do you need them? We can help!

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