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PSR-01 Pressure Switch Relocation Kit

Posted on Tuesday Jan 08, 2019 at 09:27AM in Vendor Bulletins

Goodman has received reports of nuisance collector box front cover pressure switch tripping open on 34.5” furnace. This occurs when the drain line is potentially double trapped and not draining correctly, or in extreme high humidity conditions. The PSR-01 kit is an available option, which provides an alternate location to connect the collector box front cover pressure switch when a furnace is exhibiting nuisance opening of the switch. The PSR-01 kit may be used on upflow / horizontal chassis furnaces when installed in the vertical position only.

Before installing the PSR-01, please verify the following:

Drain termination must vent with an anti-siphon tee before condensation goes into the condensate pump or termination drain. See example in figure below.

Ensure condensate hoses are sloped and draining away from the collector box.

Ensure condensate is draining properly from the drain trap, no blockage.

No double trapping of the drain line into a condensate pump or termination at a floor drain.

Contact your customer service representative to order the PSR-01 kit. 

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