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Posted on Tuesday Dec 01, 2020 at 01:00AM in General

TRUAire 101: 

How to properly measure registers and grilles:

Easy way to increase airflow from your floor registers:


Sometimes genuine innovation means seeing solutions that have been right in front of our eyes for decades, but never realized. Truaire's three-way floor register is that kind of innovation. Two-way floor registers have been a staple in residential air distribution for generations and, until now, the design made sense. With modern insulated walls and double-pane glass windows however, the old design has become antiquated. 


For half a century, registers and grilles were assembled, then painted. This manufacturing flaw, still done today, results in a rattling, fast rusting register and grille with a faulty, stuck damper mechanism. Our decision to powder-coat each register and grille part first, then assemble it, resulted in our exclusive Smoothglide process. 


And the best news of all? You are getting all that Truaire quality, all the Truaire innovation, and not paying a nickel more for it.  Our marketing philosophy is not to build cost into our products so we can charge a higher price. Our philosophy is to build quality into a product without building the price.


We are focused on providing the highest quality standards in the industry through innovation, customer care, expertise. We take pride in our dynamic workplace, offering each employee the support needed to achieve their potential. With the largest inventory of finished goods in the industry, we are able to offer competitive pricing to a wide range of clients from homeowners to large contractors.

LET US HELP! Our team of professionals has years of experience in HVAC Grilles and Registers selections for both commercial and residential applications. Whether you are working on an existing building, entirely new structure, renovating, adding a room addition, we can help find a solution for all your needs. Call us today to discuss your project!

Tell us what you need, how many you need, and when you them. Let us do the rest! 

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