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Posted on Wednesday Feb 19, 2020 at 11:16AM in General

Consumers today want more control over their household temperature, but at the same time, want to keep their energy bills low. For those seeking the highest quality home HVAC system their money can buy, “Zoning Technology” may be the solution. Zoned HVAC systems are offering homeowners more comfort, convenience, and savings than ever before. Zoning also integrates well with smart controls such as Wi-Fi thermostats and is becoming increasingly attainable and affordable.

Zoning is advancing rapidly with smart technology, as manufacturers are offering app-controlled devices and connections to other smart home devices. Wiring practices have been simplified with many zoning applications. Zoning systems are able to be set up and installed quicker than ever. Contractors should realize that with these new advances and proper training, zoning technology is a way to increase business.

At Geary Pacific, we carry a wide range of RedLink compatible Honeywell zoning controls such as dampers, panels, and Wi-Fi thermostats. Stop by your local Geary Pacific branch today and one of our controls specialists will help you find the perfect zoning products needed for your job.

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